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List methods: get

Detail methods: None

This resource works like data but is restricted to datatypes: [269].

Device position: Give the onset of a position changes.

|Position    |Axis pointing upward  |Device position    |
|Position 1  | y                    |Blue LED upward    |
|Position 2  |-y                    |Blue LED downward  |
|Position 3  | z                    |Face downward      |
|Position 4  |-z                    |Face upward        |
|Position 5  | x                    |Wire downward      |
|Position 6  |-x                    |Wire upward        |
|Position 0  |                      |Undefined          |

Note: For sleep position, see sleepposition


This resource contains no fields.

Filtering Options

datatype: exact, in, gt, gte, lt, lte, range

end: exact

A synonym for timestamp__lt.

flat: exact

If you know your data will contain only one datatype from a single user, you may pass flat=1 and you will receive only the raw array of data. But be careful, if you flatten a result that has multiple users or datatypes, all the data will be mixed together with no way to know which value pertains to which datatype and/or user.

id: exact, in, gt, gte, lt, lte, range

max_values: exact

The maximum number of values to return per datatype. If you wish to return a subsample of the data, you may limit the size of the returned values with this filter. Note that the values are not a true sub-sample but every nth element where n is the smallest number that will return a total number of samples less than max_values.

no_timestamps: exact

Omit the timestamps. If you wish to have only the values, passing this filter will remove the timestamps and lower the size of the resulting array.

range: exact, in, gt, gte, lt, lte, range

record: exact, in, gt, gte, lt, lte, range

seconds: exact

Provide the timestamps in normal seconds rather than hexoseconds (256ths of a second). The floor of the value is returned. If you request a datatype with a resolution > 1Hz and specify seconds, you will receive multiple values for each timestamp.

start: exact

A synonym for timestamp__gte.

timestamp: range, gt, gte, lt, lte

May be specified multiple times to define a range, or with __range=start,end.

user: exact

Sorting Options

No sorting supported

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